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The amazing power of story with Michael Margolis from GetStoried.com

Picture credit: Get Storied

Story, Storytelling, Personal Reinvention and Beyond.



Part One 


Powerful ideas on story and storytelling for change makers and those looking for an effective personal and social reinvention tool.  You'll love this outstanding stuff from Michael Margolis, president of Get Storied. 

Find related stuff on Twitter:  @GetStoried #Story10 #Reinvention @ianaspin

Thank you Michael for taking the time to share your story.


Part Two


Michael Margolis and I explore our own stories of how the power of narrative and social networks helped us blast through isolation and loneliness to personal reinvention. 

Plus, you'll discover how storytelling reveals our "hidden lines of connection", makes us stronger and more effective, and how we can change our story to shape our future.  It's all powerful stuff. 

I can't wait to bring you part three shortly. 



Reinvention Summit: 2-week Virtual Conference on the Future of Storytelling, Nov 11-22, 2010.

We are gathering a new tribe of storytellers: change-makers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives who see storytelling as critical to their work and mission.

There’s a star-studded line-up of three dozen speakers with diverse backgrounds to lead teleseminars, interviews, and panel discussions that relate to the future of storytelling as our world goes through reinvention.

All sessions are recorded for playback. The online summit includes lots of social networking, collaboration, and crowd-sourcing for those who feel inspired to play.

Entry-level pricing starts at just $11.11. Come join 6 co-creators, 18 partners, 37 speakers, 54 producers, and hundreds of participants.

To learn more: visit www.reinventionsummit.com



Michael Margolis, president of Get Storied, has organized a list of speakers to present summit content and engage people across disciplines. Speakers include:

  • John Gerzema, president BrandAsset Consulting, Young & Rubicam
  • Tiffany Shlain, founder, Webby Awards, and doc/cultural filmmaker
  • John Elkington, pioneer of corporate social responsibility/sustainability
  • Nancy Duarte, author, Slideology and Resonate: Present Visual Stories
  • Julien Smith, co-author, Trust Agents, pioneering podcaster
  • A full list of speakers is available at www.reinventionsummit.com/speakers

WHEN: Nov. 11 through 22, 2010 (with sessions recorded for playback)

WHERE: Online at www.reinventionsummit.com with costs starting at $11.11 and offering 30+ hours of content, online collaboration, and bonus downloadable materials.

WHY: Against the backdrop of the nation’s recession and quickly changing communications, many organizations and individuals experience the need to reinvent themselves, their campaigns, and their engagement strategies. A longtime storytelling consultant, Margolis focuses on the power of narrative — the most basic and emotionally resonant form of human communication.


Get the Storytelling Manifesto www.believemethebook.com



I always love hearing your thoughts. Please do let me know how you use story and storytelling in your own life. Are you going through personal reinvention? What does it mean for you? I appreciate your comments. Much love, Ian.

Your comments:

Fred Brill (headstuffing) says:
12/11/2010 12:46:58

The point I think is being made is that the narrative is more powerful to convey what the impact to the individual is. I think of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth presentation and think how much more effective it could have been using Michael's approach. As a story teller myself, I find this an exciting epiphany to start to explore. Thanks so much yet again for inspiration. I don't need to change the vehicle I am using - I just need to point it to topics that make a greater difference. Great stuff!
Lisa Rossetti says:
12/11/2010 10:58:30

Meet you at the Summit!
Heather says:
12/11/2010 10:05:16

This is fascinating, I identify with what you're both saying as I too have felt 'lost in translation' and quite alone at times and it's only now, through social media that I am beginning to find my tribe. I love what you're both saying and it's great to hear people talk so eloquently about things that I have felt for quite a long time. Thank you so much for sharing this.


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