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A Daring Adventure - Video Chat with Tim Brownson Parts 1 & 2

Picture credit:  ADaringAdventure.com




Tim Brownson is an English certified Life Coach, Master Practitioner and author now living in Orlando, Florida. He is currently involved in a huge project to giveaway 1,000,000 copies of How To Be Rich and Happy.

Part one:  We talk about getting off the treadmill of unconscious living, re-framing our thoughts, and how positivity can transform our lives.

Plus, Tim takes my amazing "proper Englishman" test, but does he pass?



We referred to Bob Poole (my "Listen First, Sell Later" chat with Bob is here) from www.pooleswatercooler.com Jordan Cooper from www.notaproblog.com Dan Ariely from www.danariely.com

Part Two:  In this video we talk about changing our thinking, thought associations, and getting real about our online connections.



Tim referred to Bob Poole from www.pooleswatercooler.com & Naomi Dunford www.ittybiz.com

Thanks very much to Tim for taking the time to chat.


Thanks for watching.  I always appreciate hearing your thoughts.  Much love, Ian.

Think Better.  Feel Better.  Take an Aspin.

Your comments:

Fred Brill (headstuffing) says:
08/11/2010 13:28:31

Thanks to both you and Tim for sharing ReallyGoodThinking - great to wake up to. Over the summer you tweeted that we all have to leave the world of what we have to do and do what we want to do - and I replied saying that I can't afford to - to which you replied (rightly so ...) that you can't afford NOT to. I have been search for the vehicle to free me to do so - and posts like this and people like you and Tim make me realize it is VERY possible - so with your help - my journey continues as well. Thanks so much - truly ReallyGoodThinking - PS - signing off with a "Cheers" is a Canadian custom too!
Dave says:
07/11/2010 15:11:29

The smell of pork pies makes me feel ill. I'm OK with Tequilla though. Loved Tim's yatch BTW! And he nearly fell at the last hurdle with "Twidder".
Gayle Slinger says:
03/11/2010 23:05:32

Great interview with Tim Brownson. I follow his tweets and check out his blogs. That's how I found out about this interview. Very intersting, informative and humourus conversation. You're pretty good too!


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