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Do stuff that matters, or shut the **** up!

Picture credit: Acumen Fund/Misbah Naqvi


I'll tell you what gets me pumped and excited.

Well, I will in a minute, but first, I'll tell you what I think are really boring.

Here goes......

It's people.

Not just any people. But self-interested, self-centred, "the universe revolves around me" kinda people. Ya know, those who think their job, business, new kitchen, latest holiday, ride-on lawnmower, blog post, Louis Vuitton bag, collection of china bog brush holders, whatever, is so important and special that everything and everyone must get out the way and bow down in awe. Boring fekkers.

Can't they see, in the scheme of things, none of this stuff's important? No? Thought not.

Well, sod 'em, they're not my people.

These are my kinda people:

Do good stuff. This is the Acumen Fund shame about the cheesy picture.

I'll tell you what gets me pumped and excited......

It's people.

Folk who find things bigger than themselves and then dedicate their time, energies, and talents to those things are not only far more likely to add real value in the real world than their selfish counterparts, but you can bet yer ass they're going to be far more interesting too.

I know which group I'm aiming to be in, what about you?

I know, I know, not everyone gets the chance to work on amazing projects and have massive positive impact. But we can all do stuff to make a difference for others in some way, right now.

Here's a thought: If you really want to be happy, forget about being happy, you won't make it.

Instead, get your focus off you. You aren't that important!

Go and make someone else's life better. You'll find the by-product makes you feel pretty flamin' good!

And the rest of us might soon discover you ain't as dull as we'd thought!


Thanks so much for reading. I totally love your comments. So do tell, what do you do to stop yourself getting too self absorbed and keep focused on stuff that matters? Please let me know, it's always great to hear from you. Much love, Ian.

Think Better.  Feel Better.  Take an Aspin.

Your comments:

Janine Murray says:
05/10/2010 23:52:01

Yes, Ian, I agree! However! ... I believe we all fight being the first kind of people even in small ways. Our self-centred wee selves do not naturally want to think of others! We have to actively engage in this process, the process of finding even one person or cause to which we will choose give our time, money, and attention. It's easier not to do it. It's safer not to do it. When we take that small step of deciding to do something and then actually doing it, we discover the joy that only comes through giving. The rest is so fleeting. It's all in taking that first step ... That's what I have found! I don't know if this all made sense. It's hard to write a comment using my iPhone! Thanks for the great post Ian! You rock, as always!!!! @javaj9


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