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Love me. Hate me. But I will get under your skin.





I'm very pleased to have this post from Reallygood Thinking guest professor Marianne Cantwell, a Free Range Human and career change coach.  You can find Marianne here at Free Range Humans and  here on Twitter.


We caught this free range human called Marianne.

If you don’t love what I have to say, here’s what I want from you.

I want you to hate me.

I want you to say “that girl is not funny. She’s annoying.”

Say “Who would hire a career coach whose brand revolves around a badly drawn chicken?”

Say “Her fees are too high. What, she doesn’t even offer regular, structured coaching programmes?? Who does she think she is?”

I want you to say “She flaps her hands too much when she speaks. Can’t STAND her.”

Then, I want you to tell your friends how much you can’t stand me.

Tell them that Free Range Humans is a crazy concept, giving false hope to people, pushing an unrealistic dream.

When you run out of ammunition, tell them I have really bad hair.*

Hate is similar to love.

The person or brand you HATE gets under your skin.

They hit a sensitive spot that is beyond apathy. You feel something inside you start bubbling away.

If someone hates me, no hard feelings, I’m just wrong for them (maybe just for now, maybe forever. Whatever).

BUT the FACT that someone can be incited to hate me means that my message is clear and radical enough that it will get under the skin of someone else. Someone who will love my message, and feel I am speaking directly to them.

If that’s you, my message will hit a spot that is beyond apathy. You will feel something inside you start bubbling away…

And that’s a life changing experience.

Vent your spleen at mc@free-range-humans.com and let me know how much you hated this article.

*Actually, don’t. My stylist follows me on Twitter and might start crying.**

** You can also tell your friends I overuse the asterisk to footnote unfunny comments. That must be annoying. ***

*** REALLY annoying

Thanks very much to Marianne for taking the time to write this post.


And thanks very much to you for taking the time to read it.  We love to hear your ideas and to have your comments.  So, are you a free range human?  Are you mostly loved, or mostly hated?  Or, are you vanilla?  See you in the comments.  Much love, Ian.


Your comments:

maneesh kumae says:
21/03/2012 17:37:56

what's love?
Grace Marshall says:
16/06/2010 15:25:56

As someone who has had episodes in early life of struggling to 'fit in' I do have a tendency to look for approval and wanting to please everybody. I'm getting better at acting and appreciating when somebody likes it rather than everybody - and most importantly that I love it - whatever 'it' happens to be! Which reminds me of this saying: "I can't please everybody all of the time so apologies in advance if today's not your day!"
Marianne Cantwell says:
22/05/2010 23:27:24

Thanks Melissa! Totally agree - I often see people paralysed in indecision about what to do because they can think of someone who will disapprove of every option... Gosh, in a society where we have a choice of 40 shampoos in a supermarket, why do we expect everyone to have the same tastes about what we do as individuals? Right, off to wave my hands about a bit more. Thanks for your comment!
Melissa Cooley says:
22/05/2010 04:32:42

That's a good point. Some people feel like everyone has to like their ideas to gain validation. Completely ridiculous -- there's always going to be someone who has a dissenting perspective. And that's OK. Life is not a popularity contest. From one hand flapper to another, you totally rock, Marianne!


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