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Stuff Your Stuff!

Picture: Manolo Blanik

How much stuff have you got?


If you're a married fella, think of your wife's sister's husband. Do you reckon you earn more than him? No? Well you better get on with it cos your in-laws are probably comparing your worth and social status to his.

Perhaps you'll never have as much stuff and therefore you might not measure up.

If you're a woman, well, how much stuff have you got compared to other women your age?

What about your best mate? Have you got more than her? No? Well, you may be thought of as inferior. Well, unless she's less atrractive than you. But anyway, your looks wont last, so you're doomed anyway.

OK so, you need to work hard, or smart, or hard and smart, or just be a crook, to get all that stuff so you can compare favourably to others on all the "stuff scales".

Go on, bust a gut.

Then, when you've got all that stuff, find people who have more stuff, and compare yourself to them.

Then, feel socially inferior.

Then, work even harder, earn even more, spend even more, borrow more, get even more stuff, and then you can feel a bit superior again.


Make it all bigger.

Get more and more stuff.

Hang out with folk who have even more stuff. Feel slighly inferior and insecure again. That's what'll push you on to bigger and better, and that's what'll get you more stuff.

Oh yea, and all the while, you need to keep buying bigger and bigger homes in which to put all this stuff.

Oh yea, and don't forget to spend lots of time and money protecting and looking after all that stuff too.

Oh yea, and don't forget to spend lots of mental energy worrying about it all. 

Repeat this forever.


....you can just say:


and go and do something meaningful, useful, or interesting with your life instead.  Or go and make a difference for someone who has no stuff at all.


Maybe George Carlin, were he still with us, would say "stuff the stuff" too!

Your comments:

sheila chandra says:
12/04/2010 10:58:30

This is so true. Possessions can never make you feel secure in your sense of self. Only true self acceptance and self love will do that. The good news is that it's instant and free!


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