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Sweeten your life with the 'Domino Effect'.

Picture credit:  ktylerconk


Last Monday night I was sitting by the fire in a cosy pub. 

Soon I was unable to catch my breath.

The two funny blokes I'd met in an earlier biz meeting - one with a long, odd looking face, the other in a conspicuously fashionable suit -  had got me laughing so hard it was painful.

I'd been feeling crappy with a shockingly snotty cold and hadn't wanted to go out. 

But I had to. 

A colleague had arranged that biz meeting and it was important.

So running into those two blokes for a few beers, great conversation, and a good laugh was an unexpected pleasure, the best kind.

Two days later, I was at a funeral.

I was expecting the occasion to be solemn but it was a joyful celebration of a life well-lived.

I got chatting with a rectangular shaped fella with hairy hands.  I imagined his feet were even more woolly, just like Bilbo Baggins'.  Anyway, it turned out he was someone I'd met already:  thirteen years ago when I was a reporter I'd interviewed him about his first film.

Now, he wants to help me with a project I've got coming up.  Despite his hairy hands, I reckon he might just be what it needs.

Two separate occasions.  Two "domino effects". 

Who knows where those relationships will lead?  What effects will they cause? 

I've no idea, but they seem positive.

Picture credit:  kooklanekookla

Now imagine what can happen when we put this "domino effect" on acid!

Well ya know that's what happens every day when we talk to people online? 

Our digital connectedness amplifies the possibility of creating massive waves of "effects" from the "causes" we initiate.  So, instead of one face-to-face conversation with someone at a party, on social networks our conversation could be seen (or heard) by thousands of people. 

Imagine the knock-on effects. 

Mind blowing. 

That thing we do, when we put ourselves "out there" could be just the thing someone else "out there" needs.  And what's more, they might want to pay us money for that thing we do, or spread it to hundreds of people, or help us in some way.

The idea isn't as difficult to grasp as say, organic chemistry, but it's just as important.

Remember, there are things that absolutely CAN'T happen UNLESS we feel the fear, and PUT OURSELVES and our IDEAS "OUT THERE" anyway.

So we won't change the world for the better UNLESS we take risks and set in motion positive "domino effects".

That's why this stuff matters.


OK.  GO! 


So there's a thing going on here:  one thing sets another in motion, and another, and ..........

.....and through the "domino effect" one might stumble upon something unexpectedly good: that's serendipity!

This morning, Gemma Went, of Red Cube Marketing shared a good post by Adam Cohen called "Return on Serendipity".  In it he quotes John Hagel  who says individuals and businesses "can increase the opportunity to achieve serendipity.  What’s your serendipity strategy?" . 

Worth thinking about? 

There are more ideas too in this post from Rachel Happe: 5 Ways to Orchestrate Serendipity.

For me, it's just about enjoying the potential and possibility of mutually beneficial relationships.  They  come from connecting with all kinds of good people, to help each other make a positive difference in the world. 

That's it. 

And who knows what good stuff's about to happen when we put ourselves "out there"?


Love hearing your thoughts.  And by leaving a comment here, you might get some surprising new friends (I think Warren Buffet and Lady Gaga read ReallygoodThinking too ya know!).  See ya in the comments.  Much love, Ian.


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David says:
04/08/2011 12:46:49

Just come across your work via domino effect from Helen Milligan's twitter feed, to your seminar in Newcastle to this site. Do you have any basic info on the basics of social media connectedness? I'm trying to build a consultancy service which helps Public Sector and Third Sector organisations and could do with some advice!


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