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ALT:Shift Video. At some events, you simply get a better class of punter. Or, 'How to cope in a world changing faster than Lady Gaga's wardrobe'.

Picture credit: Tom Rhodes Photography


Shift Happens: Arts Learning Technology from Shift Happens on Vimeo.

You know how some conferences are just plain stuffy?

And you know how sometimes they're jam packed with egos on acid?

And you know how some so-called "top" speakers just show up, do their talk, then bugger off?

If you're cool with that, OK, fine. Go to those kinds of conferences if that's what you want.

But if you want something different............

..........something fun, where you'll be part of a friendly, welcoming, and thoroughly lively community of smart people, then I reckon you'd be hard pressed to find a UK based event better than ALT:Shift - Shift Happens 2010.

(Yes, I'm going to be speaking there this time, but at last year's Shift, I turned up and though I hadn't met anyone before, I soon discovered great people who are now good friends.)

Picture credit:  BenYupp

The thing is the world (on-line and off) is changing faster than Lady Gaga's wardrobe.

If we want to stand any chance of making sense of it we need to learn from each other, hear the best thinking on some of the most exciting developments of our time, and do stuff together.  Whatever we want to do with our lives, ALT: Shift will help us discover possibilities, connections, and tools to help push us further on.

Oh yes, that sounds dramatic, but think about it, the internet has hardly reached puberty and it's changing the universe as we know it! (Is that dramatic enough for ya!)

And we aint seen nothing yet!

So ALT:Shift in York, UK 5th and 6th of July this year could be just the thing to help: great ideas, lots of opportunity to make real connections - friendships - and chat with expert contributors who don't just run off after they've said their bit.

Go here and get yourself some ALT: Shift goodness.


Are you going to ALT: Shift in York, England this year? Have you been to Shift Happens before?  Do drop by and say hello.  I always love to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Much love, Ian.

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