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Forget perfect. Go for remarkable. Oh, and when we see these words hanging out together, we'll get a big stick and smash 'em to bits.

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1) Is it just me,

2) or are you seeing and hearing this B.S. almost everywhere you look? (...and course, it's not just the time of year).
3) On billboards, posters, TV commercials, pop-up banners, commercial radio jingles, store window displays, magazine articles, full-page newspaper ads, the back side of cinema tickets, video buffers, letterbox jamming paper crap, on and on..............
4) .......forever.

5) The so-called "creative" ad producers must be so idea-poor

6) they couldn't think of anything else to tempt us into
7) yet more pointless purchasing. It's as if they've closed their eyes to the fact that this consumer culture doesn't deliver (but that's another post or ten.)

Hey! I believe in business, buying, selling, making money, as long as it's done within the context of a "life less selfish" which I wrote about here (including my video chat with Andy Hobsbawm, from Do the Green Thing).

8) What's the specific B.S. I'm on about this time then?

9) Well I'm referring to two words that,
10) when placed in front of other words, tend to create unrealistic and usually ridiculous expectations.
11) But, only if we are daft enough to let them.

12) I'm talking about "The" and "Perfect".

13) The perfect body.  The perfect gift.  The perfect dinner.  The perfect business.  The perfect job.  The perfect relationship.  The perfect party.  The perfect solution.
14) The perfect nothing!

15) There's no such thing as 'perfect'.

16) Go on then. Believe the B.S. If we want to. It's up to us.
17) I don't think any reallygood thinking readers usually buy into that kinda crap, but it doesn't harm to remind each other, eh? I mean you already know everything I'm about to say. You've heard it before. But stick with me a bit longer.
18) One dictionary's definition of "perfect" includes: being entirely without fault or defect ; flawless ; satisfying all requirements ; corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept ; faithfully reproducing the original ; pure ; total ; lacking in no essential detail ; complete etc.

Uncle Kenny having fun on my son's not-so-perfectly-sized bike.

19) QUESTION: So when have you done anything, had anything, seen anything, experienced anything, that fits those terms? Go on. Be honest. When? Exactly?

20) I bet, like me, you'll say "hardly ever!"(at least not human-made stuff!).
21) OK. There are moments, times, experiences, that occasionally "feel" perfect. The really, really special stuff.
22) Seriously, when I look at my kids and wife, I mean really look at them, being present in the moment, I feel that amazing sense of wonder, gratitude, love.
23) But much of the time, if we're honest, things are messy. They can be good. Sometimes great. But often messy.

24) Be cool with it!

25) Unless you are doing surgery, building jet engines, or work in bomb disposal, forget perfect.

26) QUESTION: Let's stop right now and ask "what are we not deciding/starting/doing/finishing now because we don't think it'll be perfect?".

27) I've been there so many times! Believe me. I've had enough.

28) So now, I'm going for the messy.

29) The anti-perfect solutions to business, writing, programme making, cooking, adventure, helping others, changing the world, having a laugh.
30) I'm building the anti-perfect life. I'm going for remarkable, not perfect.  Even if "they" look down on me for not being flawless!

Image credit:  .mushi_king

31) I'm in good company.

32) "How Launching Before Being Perfect Helped Kiva Change The World. The Premal Shah Interview."

WARNING: There's an F-Word in this clip.....but don't let that stop you hearing from an amazing, anti-perfect world-changer about his fantastic, caring company!


33) So, do we just want to think about changing the world? Or do it now? Without permission? Without perfection?

34) If you want to build a great business without getting stuck on "perfectionism", Andrew Warner's Mixergy.com is a must visit site. You would be crazy to ignore what Andrew's giving away free of charge on Mixergy.com.
35) None of the entrepreneurs interviewed on Mixergy allowed not-being-perfect stop them building great businesses!

36) "Everything I Know About Perfectionism I Learned From My Breasts."

37) Go here for inspiration and some secrets and solutions for overpowering perfectionism from Debbie Jordan Kravitz.

38) "The only perfection is in being present, yet the perfectionist is never present" (Mel Schwartz, Psychology Today article).

39) Decide to be present. Be here. Now. Perfectionism is about fear. Stop allowing future worries to rob us of our ability to make the most of now.

40) Replace fear with love, faith, hope. Caring. Giving. Kindness. Let's help someone get what they want/need in life. Let's do it!

41) When we're grateful for the good things we have, we appreciate the real, flawed, messy, rich, amazing, relationships, experiences, ideas, opportunities available to us now.

42)  And when we see these words hanging out together, "The" and "Perfect", we take a big stick and smash 'em to bits.

If you found that helpful, you'll also like "A Life Less Selfish. Plus, Do the Green Thing: My Video Chat with Andy Hobsbawm".

Thanks very much for reading this post. I really want to know what you think. I'd love to hear all about your struggle to beat perfectionism, or any of those annoying habits, like procrastination, that stop us making the best of our talents. I need your help; please give me all the tips, techniques, tricks you've trained yourself to use to beat these beasts! See you in the comments. Much love, Ian.

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