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Seven Reasons Why 2010 Will Be Your Best Year Yet

Image credit:  Muha

This is a post from Reallygood Thinking guest professor  Nicholas Bate, a pioneering thought leader and ideas person.  He runs Strategic Edge, a consultancy specialising in helping people realise and release their true and full potential. As well as working with some of the world's best know companies and business schools, Nicholas is the author of nine acclaimed books and a popular blog.

1.  2009 was pretty amazing and yet you know you havenít released anywhere near your full potential yet.

Thatís going to be your 2010 Ďthingí.

Full potential.

Full on.

From today.

2.  Itíll be the year of your book.

It may or may not be published but you are going to write your heart out: whatís your mission, your manifesto, your passion?

People donít get it: the publication isnít the thing (when you run a marathon, do people say: did you win?) Itís the clear and current expression of you; writing will clarify it, determine it and action it.

60000 words or so about why you are on the planet. Thatíll give you focus. Sound a lot? Not enough when you get going.

3.  Itís the year when you finally get it: itís down to you.

Sure school wasnít bad, the degree helped. And maybe you will do an MBA. But you know what, deep down? Success doesnít correlate that strongly with educational qualifications. Nor even with good olí IQ. It does with realising: Ďitís down to meí.

Make it happen.

Donít wait for politicians (ha-ha, as if you would), the lottery (what: are you serious?) or that recruitment consultant to ring you back (whatever bulls*it he gave you about your cool CV).

Image credit:  Mike Baird

4.  Youíre going to breakthrough on your wellness.

You are going to make sure you have so much energy you see sun-rise every morning, that you walk almost everywhere and lifts are for wimps.

5.  Fun and contribution are going to be integral to your new 2010 version Life.

Fun as in whatís the point if you are not having fun? And contribution as in how can I help the growth of others?

6.  Itís the year where you will gain real wealth.

Soft wealth that is: great relationships, time to travel, health, feeling valued, time with the kids.  Anyone can get their hands on the hard stuff (money). But when they do, they only want it for the soft stuff, so why not short-circuit the process?

7.  Itís the year where you stop talking, planning, any form of procrastination, writing lists of seven things and get on with it.

And you are going to start today.

Thanks very much to my mate Nicholas Bate for his helpful and inspiring words.  He's loads more good stuff over at his blog, including some stunningly good free e-books like this one.


If you liked this, you'll love ATTENTION ALL EMERGING SUPERHEROES! It's a great time to be on this planet!

Cheers for reading this post.  I'd love to hear what you think, and if you've any great tips for seizing the balls of life and getting a head start on a great 2010.  I appreciate your comments so much so please go for it and let me know what's on your mind.  Much love, Ian.

Your comments:

Olivia Sprinkel says:
02/12/2009 13:14:28

Thanks for the motivation - going to get going on my 60,000 words. Like your point that is not about publication, but achieving clarity.
Fred Brill says:
28/11/2009 14:28:51

To bad about the lottery, I have a lot invested in that path to success. I couldn't agree more with Nicholas' points - listed here to express the concept of stop writing lists. It's like how that first step in the morning jog is the toughest - the second not quite as tough - until your momentum builds to a full jog, and you realize you left your smokes and lighter at home so you have to turn around to go get them - then start all over again, perhaps after a quick pint in the garage. So maybe planning helps a little bit. I guess all I'm trying to say here is that your posts are great Ian and always inspire me - perhaps not always in a way you intended but I enjoy them greatly. Thanks Nicholas for adding to that inspiration! Bring it on 2010 - I'll be waiting on my by deck for your opportunities to come knocking! I'm ready baby!
Carissa Jones says:
27/11/2009 17:54:41

Ian, you took the words right out of my mouth! Everything from my personal goals (writing a book) to my paid profession (leading a sales/marketing team) has me thinking: stop procrastinating and get down to business! This post inspires me to get 2010 started early! Thanks so much!
Katie says:
27/11/2009 09:12:02

Wow! This is really motivating. I'm off to start now. Thanks, Katie http://www.putYOUbackintoyourlife.co.uk
Adrian says:
27/11/2009 09:03:18

Ian, I like the way you're thinking. I try to live by your most important point, #6. Here's wishing you every success for 2010. Adrian http://www.craftyjungle.co.uk
charlotte says:
27/11/2009 08:56:57

Thanks for bringing this blog to our attention....I have been for far too long a 'nearly' person. Off to finish the book now Thanks. and I'll be back to read more sooon


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