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We all get more juice when we're sparkin' off each other.

Picture credit:  Southern Heart


Thanks a lot everyone!

How ya'll doin'?

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy all the love, great comments, and connectedness that hit me here at reallgoodthinking.com, every time I write a post.

It's truly heartwarming to get such fantastic feedback, friendship, and fun from you lovely world-changers each and every day.

I've gotta tell ya, after just a few months online, I've had more sense of community, belonging, and feeling part of something massive and important than I've had in over a decade of traditional one-way broadcast media.

I've said loads of times that our digital relationships can spark all kinds of possibilities and make a massive difference to others and to our planet. 

Working together, we don't have to wait for our "official" so-called leaders to wake up, we're just getting on with good stuff regardless. 

Picture credit:  vkurland

So I'd love to know more about you guys.

You know how curious I can be?

Well, I'd be proper chuffed (that means pleased, happy, delighted) if you tell me what blogs, bloggers, writers, video makers, thinkers, books, ideas people, etc. you like.

Pick a favourite blog post, a video that absolutely sums up what you care about, or anything where you can send me a link to show what's at the top of your pile.

I want to know what matters most to you.

The best way to do that is to simply give me a link, something I can read or watch.  You can send me one or two, don't get blocked trying to decide your all-time favourites (favorites!), just let me have one or two things you think are truly great - I mean the really good stuff!

Maybe I can post some of those favourites (favorites!) so all the reallygoodthinking.com gang can get a feel for the range of things we love.

OK, that's it. 

It'll be sensational to hear from you.

Please do it. 

Show me what's important to you.

Note:  I know sometimes, these types of things don't work when no one bothers to reply, but hey, I'll take that risk! (It's not much of a risk, I know you guys love to say what you think!)

You can e-mail me ian@reallygoodthinking.com or stick something in the comments.  Please give me a link, and a bit of a description, why you love it etc. in 140 or characters of less. 

Ta very much.  Much love, Ian.

Your comments:

Cheryl Kaye Tardif says:
22/11/2009 23:07:34

I'm baaa-aack..hehe. I just thought of some more cool sites you might want to check out: StoryCasting.com, BookBuzzr.com, RedRoom.com, HigherAwareness.com. Yeah, there are just too many darned good sites and blogs out there. ! Cheryl Kaye Tardif, bestselling Canadian suspense author
Cheryl Kaye Tardif says:
22/11/2009 22:54:06

As a published author, I have a lot of favorite sites, The Write Type ~ Multi-Author Musings, Criminal Minds at Work, Behler Blog, and sites like Crime Spree Magazine, AuthorsDen and of course all the usual social networking sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and various Ning networks. And, of course, I spend countless hours on Cheryl Kaye Tardif Novels, Shameless Promoter - Book Marketing Coach and The suspense is killing me! :-) There are just so many sites, blogs etc to enjoy! ~Cheryl Kaye Tardif Follow me on Twitter
Carissa Jones says:
22/11/2009 22:49:44

To be perfectly honest, I am so wrapped up in social media and how to maximize my company's exposure that I find little time for interests that are truly personal. However, I must admit that my own blog is my favorite as it is a place where I can pour my heart out no matter what the subject matter. My blog covers several topics; I speak about everything from relationship issues to my career and technology! The only pre-requisite is that I must feel passionate about my writing or I cannot do it... I can't imagine what pressures a full time writer must face when preparing to write a sequel to a best selling novel. Yikes! www.carissajones94.wordpress.com I would also like to say thanks for your entertaining and informative tweets and blog posts... I enjoy following you! CJ
Cherish D'Angelo says:
22/11/2009 22:41:05

I really enjoy Textnovel. It's a cool site where authors can text in, or email, or send via PC, and work of fiction and some nonfiction. You can read my romantic suspense Lancelot's Lady there. :-) http://www.textnovel.com Cherish D'Angelo http://www.cherishdangelo.com
Jo Bernard says:
22/11/2009 22:37:01

I really enjoy multi-author blogs like http://www.criminalmindsatwork.blogspot.com
Goblin says:
22/11/2009 22:22:25

My blog is probably at the top of my list. It all started in 2008 when I made the move from Microsoft products. It started when I experienced first hand the underhanded tactics of some to try and stiffle an opinion that does not support proprietary. Ever since then I have blogged. I cover FOSS and general IT news with a view to show you that what you read is not always what the truth is when talking about IT related topics. Im a big critic of marketing campaigns that use gifting/bribes/rewards in order to get favorable PR. I also support an anti-piracy stance, which recently gave me the opportunity of having direct contact with the singer Indiana Gregg. I would like anyone who has considered their current IT decisions to visit my blog and would hope you will find that a rewarding free computing experience can be found within the world of free and open source software. I have made friends that I never thought I would on the net. http://www.openbytes.wordpress.com
Eileen Schuh says:
22/11/2009 22:12:43

My own blog is, of course, near the top of my list. Originally intended to promote myself as an author, it turned into a diary of my Quest to Quit smoking. It attracted the attention of scientists researching the use of cyberspace to help addicts. It quickly became popular with fellow participants on the Quitnet forums. My most recent posting about how the heroine of my adult novel, Noraebang, gifted me insight into my addiction also drew visits from co-writers in cyberspace. My Quest to Quit begins with my August postings. I invite you to read http://eileenschuh.blogspot.com
Rob Dyson says:
22/11/2009 21:47:46

Pretty much everything Chris Brogan writes is an inspiration http://www.chrisbrogan.com/ & I'm personally proud of my work (vox pops & interviews) on End Child Poverty's rally video from last year: http://bit.ly/8RQRju. I also really like the shambolic fan-boy eclecticism of Trick and Tom on Resonance FM every Wednesday at 10pm http://bit.ly/5RLDNM. Cheers for asking ;) Rob


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