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ATTENTION ALL EMERGING SUPERHEROES! It's a great time to be on this planet: there’s so much to be done.

Picture credit (thanks for all the pics in this post): Groene Sint

One Planet: To Be Saved. From Idiocy.

You’re needed, really needed. Are you up for the job?

I stole those words from my mate Nicholas Bate's excellent and popular blog post he called "The Breakthrough 52".

I was thinking about those words. What they mean, and what we can do about them.

Let me give you my take on what's happening right now.

I don't know about you, but in my experience, almost everywhere I turn, day in day out, I'm finding two types of people.

Let's get the depressing ones out the way first.

OK these first types of people broadly speaking, tend to show certain characteristics.

They are self-seeking. They live to constantly increase their personal comfort, wealth, status, power, whatever. They tend not to "get" the emerging shifts in thinking, behaviour, and lifestyle that need to take place so we can work toward solving our planet's massive problems.

They don't "get" our global connectedness. They don't understand how it will impact everything we've know.

Worse, if they do "get" it, they don't really care. Well, not enough to haul their ass out and, at personal cost or inconvenience, find ways to make a positive difference to others.

Outwardly, they'll probably tell you they do care, and prove it by making a song and dance about the £100 they once raised for "Children in Need" by wearing fancy dress in the office.

You and I meet lots of people in public life, corporations, education, media, charities, in our street, down the pub, online and offline, who genuinely do not give a crap about anyone, or anything, other than what they find within their limited circle of family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

They are "nice" enough people. But they are uninspiring, dull, and largely closed to the bigger possibilities life has to offer. Oh, and they don't yet believe in superheros!

I'm not slagging people off for the sake of it! Not at all. That little summary will soon lead me, like a bull on roller skates, to another, most exciting, most important idea. But first...............

The second type of people. YOU. The potential SUPERHEROES!

You and I meet lots of people in public life, corporations, education, media, charities, in our street, down the pub, online and offline, who genuinely care about others, about our planet, and about life beyond what they find within their circle of family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

They are fantastic people. They are inspiring, shinier inside and out than a ten foot glitter ball, and they're largely open to the greatest possibilities life has to offer.

Here's the big idea; both types of people need help!

Hey we all need help sometimes. Actually, if we are wise we'll admit we need help ALL the time! I know I do.

Anyway, the BIG idea is this; since you and I are discovering how to connect with each other, how to set free our love, compassion, and desire to make a difference, we can take the lead! Yea, we absolutely can! We can lead on a small scale. We can lead on a big scale. Doesn't matter. But we have to lead.

If you check out the coming trends for 2010, you'll find some clues about where our leadership is desperately needed.

Even a superficial glance at trendwatching.com, or other trend predictor sites, gives us some clue about what might be emerging. Notice a lot of these likely trends revolve around the increasing perception, that we need to think and live differently, be more caring, more connected, and be ready to take action to change things for the better.

Course, every time I see trend predictors which suggest people want a better, kinder world, I'm encouraged, but I'm realistic too.

You and I know it will take a hell of a lot more than "trendiness" to make a real and lasting difference.


So go on.

Step up.

Be a leader.

Whatever it is that you do.


Take a position.

Help people. Do good stuff.

Don't wait to be invited, or for someone "important" to give you permission.

Just do it.

I mean let's do more of the good stuff we're doing already.

WHY? Cos it's a great time to be on this planet: there’s so much to be done.

One Planet: To Be Saved. From Idiocy.

We’re needed, really needed. Are we up for the job?


If you found that helpful, there's more inspiring stuff here: Finding passions, being crappy, and video goodness.

I love it that you bothered to read this post. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful, thanks! I always like to know what you think. Did you reckon we'll find enough superheros stepping up to the job? What have you discovered gets you off your ass and out doing good stuff? Any advice? See you in the comments. Much love, Ian.

Your comments:

Diane says:
22/11/2009 02:57:12

What a great post! I'm thinking that lately the 1st type of people you've mentioned are multiplying rapidly. I would imagine that the effects of the state of the economy are stressing people out and that their attitudes are even effecting the superheros. It's become more difficult to be a superhero, but I'm hanging in there and trying. More people should read this post, it might really make a difference if they recognize who they are.
Ildiki says:
20/11/2009 20:12:33

I need a hero ;)
Phil says:
19/11/2009 20:16:01

My Youth Engagement Worker post is aiming to harness some of the young Superhero's and Community Leaders in Lancaster, developing the Youth Cafe and Ridge CC - This post sums up our aspirations perfectly - can I use it??
Huw Spanner says:
19/11/2009 17:32:30

God bless you, Aspo, you're certainly a superhero of mine! Thank you for this.


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