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Being in the Now......Now!

I saw a cartoon in a magazine that made me laugh out loud…..not a bad way to wake up everyone else in the dentist’s waiting room eh? It showed a typical office worker in three different situations:  at his desk at work, playing golf, and in bed having sex. 
What’s so funny about that then?  Well nothing……but I haven’t finished yet!
Anyway, when the chap was in the office, he was thinking about playing golf.  When he was playing golf, he was thinking about having sex.  And when he was having sex, he was thinking about being at work!
OK, so the humour’s kinda lost in translation but you get the point?  Come on, stick with me!
The thing is, if you look back over your day, even just the last hour, how much of that time were you thinking about stuff that had nothing to do with what you were actually doing at the time?  You were miles away.
Sure we all do it, but I guess it means we are missing something somewhere.  Actually, I think what it really means is that we are probably missing a lot, almost everywhere and almost all the time.
So, if we are going to really make the most of the life we have, and not “wake up” somewhere toward the end wondering where the hell it went, then I guess we’d better try and find a way to live in the moment….now!


I'd love to know if you find this stuff helpful, and if there are tips you can pass on to help us make the most of now.  See you in the comments.

Your comments:

Marti says:
08/08/2009 11:54:14

Hi, sound advice..... but sadly I get strange looks from most people when I try to say just this to them.. not in a lecturey or condescending way... you see I used to work in neurosciences before I decided to give up my rat race life for a vocation of running a chilled out country inn. I worked specifically with children and young adults who ended up with brain injuries and ultimately life-changing / challenging outcomes for them and their families and freidns. Invariably they had no warning to these brain injuries and so no time to prepare for the challenging / changing outcomes that ensued. Point is, you're right, live in the now and make sure all of it counts. I hope you find a way of communicating this to many many more people. The world would be a more satisfied and grateful place
daddyw says:
01/07/2009 13:36:22

this is marvellous!


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