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Category: Inspiration

The amazing power of story with Michael Margolis from GetStoried.com


Picture credit: Get Storied

A Daring Adventure - Video Chat with Tim Brownson Parts 1 & 2


Picture credit:  ADaringAdventure.com


ALT:Shift Video. At some events, you simply get a better class of punter. Or, 'How to cope in a world changing faster than Lady Gaga's wardrobe'.


Picture credit: Tom Rhodes Photography


Is your inner voice trying to tell you something? Then jump up and listen! Thinking Beyond Limits with Kevin Kelly.


Image credit:  vramak


Advice to my younger self, c. 1989 and c. 1999, that's good for 2010 (Part 1).



Picture credit:  Me!  Me and my college mates in 1993

Here's a little Ding Dong Merrily to Wish You a Hopeful Christmas.



Image credit:  Dan Stefani

Seven Reasons Why 2010 Will Be Your Best Year Yet


Image credit:  Muha

This is a post from Reallygood Thinking guest professor  Nicholas Bate, a pioneering thought leader and ideas person.  He runs Strategic Edge, a consultancy specialising in helping people realise and release their true and full potential. As well as working with some of the world's best know companies and business schools, Nicholas is the author of nine acclaimed books and a popular blog.

1.  2009 was pretty amazing and yet you know you havenít released anywhere near your full potential yet.

ATTENTION ALL EMERGING SUPERHEROES! It's a great time to be on this planet: thereís so much to be done.


Picture credit (thanks for all the pics in this post): Groene Sint

One Planet: To Be Saved. From Idiocy.

Youíre needed, really needed. Are you up for the job?

I stole those words from my mate Nicholas Bate's excellent and popular blog post he called "The Breakthrough 52".

I was thinking about those words. What they mean, and what we can do about them.

Let me give you my take on what's happening right now.

Do something today that'll shape your future. Finding passions, being crappy, and video goodness.


Picture credit: seo_qun

Short of time?  Skinnier version is here.  Aspin's Essentials is here. 


I did something today that'll shape my long term future.

It'll define me and show the world, should they want to look, what my biggests thoughts are, and what kind of person I am.

When this gets out, some doors might slam shut. Others will open so wide you could get my neighbour and her incredibly rectangular bingo mates through it side by side - in gangs of ten!

So what did I do?

TED Inspiration & Shoot the Summer


image credit: nguyendai 

New thinking. New possibilities. New opportunities.

If you've already discovered TED Talks, I reckon it's likely you'll have seen the following two videos (I know, I don't mind seeing 'em again either!).




  • Ian AspinLocation: Lancaster Lake District, UK
  • Bio: I’m passionate about my work:TV journalist, producer, presenter, business ideas person. I care about: family, friends, helping people, finding meaning, running