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Category: Connectedness

Sweeten your life with the 'Domino Effect'.


Picture credit:  ktylerconk


Shift Happened. Shift is Happening Again. ALT Shift (Arts, Learning, and Technology) 2010.



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25 'types' of people who still think they don't need to be digitally connected! How many can you spot?


Picture credit:  MarkHillary

Ain't this brilliant!

Since I discovered social connectedness (i.e. Twitter etc.) back in March, I'm glad to tell you lots of amazing things have happened:  I've found great contributors and stories for my journalism work, been asked to speak at events, write, present, produce, collaborate, learned loads, had lots of laughs, and discovered world-class, world-changing people, ideas, and resources. 
And I know, from what people say, that shed loads of good things have happened for many of my online friends too.
Last night I chirped that our digital relationships help banish creative and intellectual loneliness.  Loads of people identified with that, many saying they'd found connections that started out on our screens, becoming long-term, strong, mutually supportive and beneficial friendships, often with people meeting face to face and working on good stuff together.
I reckon we can always find smashin' people to share our passions, ideas, dreams, goals, and hopes.  Ain't that brilliant?

Some just don't get it!

Think-with. Charlie Leadbeater and our collective digital creativity


Photo credit: mrrullmi 

Short of time? My 4 minute chat with Charlie Leadbeater is here.

Think-you. Think-me. Better to....Think-with.

On losing a friend. What will we leave behind?


It was the best of days. It was the worst of days.

Doing work you love is fabulous. Doing it with people you love to work with goes a long way toward a happy life.

Shift Happened. Shift's Happening. Shift Will Happen. But it's all about conversation.


It's already begun. 

We are part of it.  We can like it, or not.




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