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Category: Grow Some Balls

Do stuff that matters, or shut the **** up!


Picture credit: Acumen Fund/Misbah Naqvi


Have the balls to stand for something and let it shape your future. Plus, signing a book deal.


Picture credit: seo_qun  

I did something that'll shape my long term future.

It'll define me and show the world, should they give a crap, what my biggest thoughts are, and what kind of person I am.

When this gets out, some doors might slam shut. Others will open so wide you could get my neighbour and her incredibly rectangular bingo mates through it side by side - in gangs of ten!

So what did I do?

Love me. Hate me. But I will get under your skin.






Stuff Your Stuff!


Picture: Manolo Blanik

How much stuff have you got?

How many chances did we grab by the whatsits today? None? We could be boring ourselves to death.



Picture credit: LaserGuided 


Forget perfect. Go for remarkable. Oh, and when we see these words hanging out together, we'll get a big stick and smash 'em to bits.


Image credit: Beer30



1) Is it just me,

2) or are you seeing and hearing this B.S. almost everywhere you look? (...and course, it's not just the time of year).
3) On billboards, posters, TV commercials, pop-up banners, commercial radio jingles, store window displays, magazine articles, full-page newspaper ads, the back side of cinema tickets, video buffers, letterbox jamming paper crap, on and on..............
4) .......forever.

5) The so-called "creative" ad producers must be so idea-poor

How to be Cooler than a Siberian Sunbather when it comes to Twitter Lists (or Anything Else!).


Picture credit:  Lauri Vain "Ice Hole Swimming"

Short of time?  For Aspin's Essentials, click here.

Do you want to be a low value Twitter user?

I'm well glad I found Gladwell. Or, how to turn frustration into action.


image credit:  nj dodge

I was rushing about the other day, busy trying to meet three deadlines that, like people turning up unexpectedly for tea, all seem to come at once.  So I stopped for a moment to take a breather, looked in a bookshop window and there was Malcom Gladwell's "Outliers".  Half price.  Fantastic. 

Stop Being an Extra in Other People's Movies


Photo courtesy of Cayusa

This is the fantastic subtitle of a book called “Dare to be Yourself” by Alan Cohen.




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