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Category: Conscious Living

How come no cats or dogs showed up to hear Sir Ken Robinson at Shift Happens?


Picture credit:  Orangeacid


How come no cats or dogs showed up to hear Sir Ken Robinson at Shift Happens? Audio Version


Picture credit: Orangeacid

Audio version

Life's thrown some pretty big turds this past two weeks, but hey, I'm still a lucky guy.


Picture credit:  Dave Haygarth


The Age of Absurdity: We're in it, but we don't have to buy into it!



Picture credit:  JamiesRabbits

Fail better, see 2009 differently, and suck the marrow out of it.


Picture credit:  kk+


Be like Luke Skywalker - May the force of focus be with you. Video from Ian Sanders.


Image credit: .Musha_King

I'm very pleased to have this guest video post, especially for Reallygood Thinking, from "Professor of Juggle", Ian Sanders.

How to be as welcome as a wet dog in a wedding gown shop (Part 1 - just 3 points*)


Picture credit:  Bibimorvarid

For the rest of our lives, we're going to have to deal with folk who show one or more of the following characteristics.   

We can spot them, the people, and their traits.  (Hey, I'm not bein' a whingin' git, stick with me!) 

Will our digital footprint eventually reveal the truth about us? Or, what will we leave behind?


Picture credit:  Smabs Sputzer

Short of time? Skinny version hereAspin's Essentials here.

Who knows what happened to them?

How I'm learning to not get overwhelmed by infinite opportunities


Photo credit: ehpien


Every day I have loads of fresh ideas.

How to calm down when you're really flamin' angry!


Photo credit:doug88888 

Short of time? Skinny version & summary here.

I was flamin' angry this morning!

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