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Sunday Programme on BBC Radio 4 where you can find the second of two reports in my series on social media/Twitter and their impact on faith/religion.

After talking with Andrew Keen for my report on BBC Radio 4's Sunday Programme, I couldn't put down his thought-provoking book on digital technology and its impact on our world.  You can see why some have un-affectionately named him the "Anti Christ of Silicon Valley"!  Nice! 

Thanks to producer Charlotte King for a brilliant job of pulling stuff together, and for being jolly good to work with too! Cheers to the Sunday programme team for being such good eggs! Much love, Ian.  

You can find my report on the BBC iPlayer by clicking this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00m5rrj and forwarding the programme to 7:15 (7 mins and 15 seconds).

Please do let us know what you think.  Would love you to send me a tweet on Twitter.  Thanks, Ian.



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