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Direct Messages are CRRAAAAPPP! Why I hate DMs on Twitter!

Pic courtesy of:  http://imgur.com/SeWaG.jpg via Huffington Post and Democratic Underground

On a typical day I get hundreds of direct messages on Twitter! 

I am not the only one.  I bet you get loads of pointless DMs too!

Message after message.  Same old, same old.  Day in, day out.  

I don't want to come over as ungrateful, or sound like a whinger!  But for every thousand direct messages I receive, I bet on average, less than one is actually a personal message to me. 

But I do love it when I get those real messages from real people who want to connect, feel we have a similar purpose or ideas, want to work out how to help build a better, more sustainable world, or just say hello!  I really appreciate those messages so please, don't stop! 

So what are the rest? 

Here are a few examples of the kinds of DM's I've received in one HOUR alone:

*  Are you looking to build your Twitter following?

*  Would you like to know how to Get 16,000 Followers in 90 days & Make Money doing it?

*  mmmmm you're so hot babe. Click the link so we can hook up.....right now.

*  Feel free to browse the products in our marketplace and earn money online!

*  Do you want LONG REAL Foot Fetish video's instead of the short 'previews'?

*  Still Struggling To Make Big Money On Twitter? Go Here:

*  I just gave you "peace!"! Check it out: You should send me a gift back ;)

*  You should come play this fun Twitter game Spymaster. I even sent you US$50k so you have a fighting chance. ;)

*  Hey, I just took "What is the name of your crush?" and got: austin or paige! Try it:

*  Hi My Friend! Thanks For Following. I Would Love It If You Would ADD ME ON FACEBOOK TOO!!

*  I look forward to sharing some great info about new and used tractors and farm machinery

*  I sent you a FREE GIFT to join XYZ. Accept you free gift NOW!


*  Hey, I just added you to my Mafia family. Please accept my invitation! :)

*  Vielen Dank fürs folgen! Hier der Twitter-Report für Sie

*  Hey! So cool you follow me! My tweets will be a treat! How about this for starters?

*  It's true money can be made by following this link..Check it out

*  I just gave you "A Little Doggie!!!"! Check it out

*  Discover how this has made me a fortune, check it out you wont look back

*  Hey Ian, I just voted "Ciara" on "Who's your fave feamale singer /rapper" Vote now

*  ADULTS Do Use Adult TOYS & Have Adult Needs~TOTALLY ANONYMOUS Internet shopping~EXCELLENT HOME BASED BUSINESS go here

*  Hello, When I tell people I signed up for the Donald Trump Network, their reaction was: How do I sign up? The Trump brand name will change the network marketing landscape.  Click here


Oooooooooh! Sorry!  Did I make you work to get down here on this post?

Well that's just one of the annoying things these waste of time DMs force us to do....work!  They make us work! 

Because even though I find DMs cumbersome to search, I still look through them to find genuine, personal DMs from people I know, or from folk on Twitter who really do want to make contact, engage, and build meaningful social networking relationships.  So, all these mostly automated DMs make us work to find the stuff we actually do want to read.

How dull and unoriginal!

If you look through that long-winded list above, I'm sure you'll have seen most, if not all of those before.  All they suggest to me is how unimaginative and boring are the people who send them.  Surely these folk can come up with something just a little more creative?  No, I don't think they can!

A person's name is the most beautiful word in the English language (Dale Carnegie said that, I think!).

If someone sends me a DM starting with "Hi Ian....." Wow!  That gets my attention and makes all the difference!  Why?  Because with all this default-mode automation, it shows the person has at least had to (usually!) actually read my name in the Twitter bio and then type it into the DM.  Since someone bothering to use my name is so rare, it does stand out!

Please STOP......now!

Switch off these automated and useless DMs. 

Don't communicate at all if it isn't going to give the reader some value, no matter how small!  I'm pretty sure a very large percentage of DMs of the type above get deleted right away without even being given a second glance.  So do us all a favour and STOP sending them!

Remember!  People love to connect with people....but they usually don't like bull crap....and we can spot, or sniff, that a mile off!

Top Tips for Delicious DMs!  These are bloomin' obvious, but in my Twit opinion, harder to find in use than a cash machine in Morecambe on a Friday night!

*  Know exactly why we are contacting someone in the first place.  Even if we know the person already, it helps to be clear about the purpose of our message.

*  If we really want to engage people, think about what they want first.  Imagine being in their shoes and see things from another perspective.

*  People are busy.  Ridiculously busy.  Respect people's time.  There are a zillion demands for everyone's attention.  Why the hell would anyone want to read a message from us?  We need to be relevant (or shocking!) to get someone's attention.

*  Be creative.  I promise you if we just think about doing this I reckon we'll be way ahead of ninety per cent of the world's Tweeting population!

*  So, in a sentence:  Be arsed to find the best way to make connections!  We stand far more chance if we don't annoy people by making that first contact, or subsequent messages, boring, impersonal, and meaningless DMs!

I love to connect with people, that's why I'm on Twitter!  But please, stop the DM madness and send me a proper message to ian@reallygoodthinking.com. 

Much love, Ian.




  • Ian AspinLocation: Lancaster Lake District, UK
  • Bio: I’m passionate about my work:TV journalist, producer, presenter, business ideas person. I care about: family, friends, helping people, finding meaning, running