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What the?

Ian's book "How to Be a Super Human: Using the Amazing Power of Social Networks to Make a Living, Make a Life, and Make a Difference" is due spring, 2015 from Wiley / Capstone.


Who the **** is Ian Aspin?


"Ian Aspin is one of the most effective Twitter broadcasters I know.

His community is astonishing."

            Dr. Patrick Dixon - Global Change

Author, Thought Leader, Futurist.

(You ain't so bad yourself, Dr.D!)




Picture credit: TomRhodesPhotography             Picture credit: Shift Happens/Pilot Theatre


I'm a journalist, speaker, and Professor of Ideas at Reallygood Thinking.


I think about, write about, and share stuff that encourages people, businesses, and organisations to ask big questions, see the bigger picture, and discover what really matters.

I'm on a mission to help you find meaning, purpose, and passion for better living and working, and for a more caring, connected, and sustainable world.

That's it.

If you never see another pixel about me, you already have the core of who I am.


And ReallygoodThinking?  It's got nothing but the most powerful ideas we can use right now to make a living, make a life, and make a difference.

Please, do send me an e-mail ian@reallygoodthinking.com and read on if you've the stomach, you splendidly attractive and exceedingly bright person.

I love you more than my kids.



I created the term GIVEACRAPANOMICS - an unshakeable way of thinking and doing that impacts every social, economic, and political system and gives us superhuman powers to work together to reboot our world.

Giveacrapanomics is about massive, action-packed caring - for our relationship to each other, to the planet, and to the spiritual/non-material dimension.


With a dynamic and engaging community of more than 90,000 Twitter followers, I understand our connectedness as well as anyone. I don't just talk about it, I live and breathe it (I have all my followers round for regular sleepovers).

Just a few months after sending my first tweet, I became one of the most followed and listed people on earth.

Social networks have opened up countless amazing possibilities and unbelievable projects for me. It's also true for the many outstanding people I'm getting to know, and work with, online and off.

I can help you and your crowd blast away boringness, get passionately focused, and do stuff that matters.

Do you want to unlock massive benefits for your business and life?  Of course you do!  You can rent my brain and discover how to tap in to the remarkable power of collaboration, generosity, and making a difference.

Let's connect on LinkedIn or please send a note to: ian@reallygoodthinking.com or a tweet to www.twiter.com/ianaspin


Think Better. Feel Better. Take an Aspin.


Ian Aspin Showreel from Reallygood Pictures on Vimeo. Thanks to Jason Graham of Cozmic.tv


I'm a journalist (Whey hey!  He's one of the hottest and most charismatic journalists on the planet, bigger than Malcolm Gladwell and more listed than Britney, Ben Stiller, and BBC Click - even the world's greatest marketer Seth Godin can't keep up!) producer, presenter (see some of his television work above), and co-owner of an independent production company (www.reallygoodtv.co.uk) in Lancashire, in the north of England.

After jobs in the BBC and ITV, I thought "stuff that!" and became part of an independent production company working on programmes on everything from the contemporary slave trade, suicide bombers and submarines, exorcists and cults, to ASBO kids and comedy.

Though I've worked mostly in TV and radio, I'm excited to be involved in the fantastic possibilities for connectedness, new ways of thinking and living, journalism and storytelling, that are emerging from the global digital revolution.  (Hey, this stuff's far more interesting, creative, and world-changing than much of what's happening in the "old" mainstream.)

Through my work making programmes and covering all kinds of stories, I've spent loads of time discovering, meeting, interviewing, and hanging out with outstanding people (and a few scary ones!) from all sorts of backgrounds.

Most have interesting thoughts, do amazing things, and often love to pass on great ideas they’ve found helpful in creating the life and work they have today. (Some even buy you a pie and a pint.)




  • Ian AspinLocation: Lancaster Lake District, UK
  • Bio: I’m passionate about my work:TV journalist, producer, presenter, business ideas person. I care about: family, friends, helping people, finding meaning, running