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Listen First with Bob Poole


"Listen First, Sell Later" author, connector, and biz thinker, Bob Poole.


I'm delighted Bob's taken the time to chat.  You can connect with him here on www.Twitter.com/BobPoole


Audio only chat with Bob Poole

Bob's a heck of a warm-hearted guy with a love for people and desire to help entrepreneurs. I met him after discovering Poole's Water Cooler Hangout.

There Bob shares stories and insights from people doing extraordinary work in the sales, marketing, and leadership fields, as well as interviews with best selling authors like Seth Godin, Dan Pink, and Sally Hogshead.

He also coaches and consults with individuals and companies who are following their own path and need someone to accompany them for a while. 

Unlike many consultants who talk a good game, Bobís many years of experience have taken him from selling door-to-door to Wall Street.

Bob lives in Perkasie, PA, USA with his wife Joann, two dogs, and three cats, and more friendly good nature than you can shake a stick at!



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