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Like Bees to Honey - A novel by Caroline Smailes


In September 2005, two weeks before I was due to start a PhD in Linguistics, I watched an interview on Richard & Judy where they referred to someone as a ‘nearly woman’. I can’t remember who that person was, but it was the moment when everything in my life started to jigsaw into place. I identified with that label, it was me. I was a ‘nearly woman’ and I was facing my ‘now or never’ moment.

Within that same week, I gave up my funding and my PhD place. I decided to speak my dream. A big risk. I didn’t want to be someone who talked of ‘nearly’ having done something. I wanted to see if I could write novels and tell stories. So, within that same September 2005, I enrolled on an MA in Creative Writing and over the next year I wrote In Search of Adam.

I finished In Search of Adam in August 2006, I launched a website and a blog in that month. Three weeks later Clare Christian, then MD of The Friday Project, stumbled onto my blog. She requested my full manuscript and then offered a publishing contract. In Search of Adam was published in June 2007.

In brief…

I was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

I live in the North West of England.

I appear to make life changing decisions based on passing comments made by Richard & Judy.


Find links to the rest of the book here.



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