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An original BubbleCow, Gary Smailes

Gary Smailes is a writer, editor and co-founder of www.bubblecow.co.uk

He knows how hard it is for writers to get published and works hard to inspire them to both write and get their work published.

Gary has been published by a number of traditional publishers, with children’s books at G.W. Publishing, Geddess & Grossett and Franklin Watt.  He is represented by www.andrewlownie.co.uk/authors/gary-smailes and has numerous book projects on the verge of publication!

Over the last decade, Gary has worked closely with several publishers on preparing books for publication. He worked closely with Terry Deary and Scholastic as a researcher on the Horrible Histories books.

A former biological researcher, and trained historian, Gary brings a wide range of knowledge to help inspire writers.  He has a particular passion for decoding book proposals and is a little bit obsessed with explaining just what it is that agents and publishers need to see.

He claims to love football (soccer!) but punishes himself on a weekly basis by watching lowly Tranmere Rovers. He also likes rubbish jokes (what’s brown and sticky – a stick!) and wind-up toys.  He is confused by historically inaccurate films.

You can connect with Gary here:  www.twitter.com/bubblecow 



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