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How to use positive thinking & action to turn your 7 year old kid into a member of 70's glam rock gang Slade



I'm going to show you how, with a little positive thinking and a proactive attitude, you too can change almost any situation to your advantage.  Take this little domestic problem, which could so easily have turned into frustration an upset.  Instead, I used positivity to take control and turn things good.

Alex accidentally chopped his hair away at the front. 

Everything was OK in the end, but I had to remind him never to use scissors without first making a thorough risk assessment and filling out our household form 217HC. 

For this error, I gave him a written warning on form 217WW.  Two more strikes and he's to move into the shed.

Anyway, no worries, I fixed the hair.  You can see BEFORE and AFTER pics below.


It looks like his style is ruined.  Just superficial damage though.  I made the most of the situation. 


I knew I could fix it.  With a few careful chops, I transformed him into a 70's glam rocker.  At first, he found the new look shocking, but loves it already! 


Nice work Aspin! (even though I say it myself!).

So remember, "Think Better.  Feel Better.  Take an Aspin".

For more useful "life's headache solutions", request them from him: b.obama@ianaspin.com



  • Ian AspinLocation: Lancaster Lake District, UK
  • Bio: I’m passionate about my work:TV journalist, producer, presenter, business ideas person. I care about: family, friends, helping people, finding meaning, running