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Do something today that'll shape your future. Finding passions, being crappy, and video goodness.

Picture credit: seo_qun


I just did something that'll shape my long term future.

It'll make some doors will slam shut. 

Others will open so wide you could get my neighbour and her incredibly rectangular bingo mates through it side by side - in gangs of ten!

In a mo, I'm going to show you how this relates to two of the most important things we can discover for our lives -  PASSION and LIVING ON-PURPOSE.  This post will show you how to get more clarity on these, but first I know you'll be asking......

So what did I do?

I gave my sparkling new publisher the first draft of words that, if all goes well, will appear on the cover of my book when it comes out next year.

OK, so it's not that dramatic!  But it's important to me since the reality is, instead of being only a dream which may be infinitely great, with no compromise or dirty rotten bits, my book will be "out there" and everyone will see how amazing, or crap, it really is!  To some extent, I'll be defined, and judged, by that book forever!

Anyway, though I'm bursting to tell you all about it, I better wait 'till everything's in place. Then, even librarians won't keep me quite.

Why am I telling you this?

I read a blog post called "If We Want To Be Champions, We Should Talk About Our Goals" by Matthew Goldsbrough.  It's a great little piece about a boxer named David Haye.  That story got me thinking about the benefits of doing stuff, rather than just thinking about doing stuff, then NOT doing stuff!

If we get our ideas out there, instead of keeping 'em in our heads and never taking action, we increase the likelihood of making sensational things happen (and perhaps too, the risk of frightening ourselves to death - deal with it, why don't ya!).

So for me, committing to writing a book is a way of taking action that matches my passion and sense of purpose in life.


Picture credit:   ͷ


I think I've found mine.

In fact, deep down, I've always known what my passion is, and my purpose, the "point" of my life, gets clearer everyday. I've found that purpose starts to emerge when we get in touch with our deepest passions, and start to be honest about them.

But if you're struggling with this next question, help is on the way.

How do we find our passion in life?

A question lots of people ask.

Sure it is. But it's a question that results in quite a bit of frustration, confusion, and for some, paralysis! Perhaps we should re-frame it and ask "how can we find our passions (more than one!) in life".

If we could just stay still for a moment, I think most of us could see really obvious clues as to what our passions are. I know one of the major blockages is figuring out how, and believing we can, turn our passions into a lifestyle where we can still pay the bills and get by in the so-called "real world".

But don't let those thoughts hold you back from this great video, it's one of the clearest most helpful we'll find on the subject!

Thanks very much Randy Komisar and to Seth Simonds!

And remember when experimenting with finding our passions and doing stuff with them "don't worry, be crappy!".  Take risks.  Get stuff out there!  We'll get better and better at it when we listen to feedback and have a little patience.


If you found that helpful, there's more inspiring stuff here:  Want to live with passion? Follow your DNA.

I love it that you bothered to read this post.  I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful, thanks!  I always like to know what you think.  Did you find your passion?  Your purpose?  How?  What have you discovered about following your passions and having a clear purpose?  Any advice?  See you in the comments here (at the bottom!).  Much love, Ian.



  • Ian AspinLocation: Lancaster Lake District, UK
  • Bio: I’m passionate about my work:TV journalist, producer, presenter, business ideas person. I care about: family, friends, helping people, finding meaning, running