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Our ancestors didn't have a "digital footprint".  Things will not be the same for us.  Our digital footprint could stick around forever!

If you want to know about someone, you'll probably start by doing an online search.  It's likely you'll find all kinds of stuff about pretty much anyone you want.  We're just getting used to what that might mean.
Whilst we likely know little of our ancestors, future generations will know lots of things about me, and you.  Many of us have already left a massive digital trail.

What do we want to leave behind?

Perhaps our "digital footprint" will, on balance, reveal who we really are.  What we say, and what is said about us, will present a picture of different aspects of our lives, our activities, and personality.  Even if someone tells the odd lie about us, is nasty, cruel, or totally inaccurate, over time, on balance, the digital data will add up to something close to a fairly accurate picture of who we really are. 
If we are fake, or out to rip people off, that will "come out".  If we want to do good, be useful, helpful, kind, caring, fight injustice, have great ideas, make a positive difference etc.  that too will "come out".
So potentially, everything could be "out there" in the digital realm, possibly forever.  

Like our great, grandparents, we know we will soon (relatively!) be gone.  But perhaps we will not be as easily forgotten. 

Question is, what are we going to do with the time we have, knowing that sooner or later, people will be able to connect the dots, put two and two together, and see what kind of person we really are?

I'd love to hear your comments and tips.  Please go here to the bottom and tell me what you think.  Much love, Ian.



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