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Mouth-Watering, Aroma-Tastic, Home-Baked Deliciousness & Biskweet or Cake? Conundrum Video

How to be happy in a sad, sad world?

It's increadibly easy, and to tell you will please me (lyrics: John Shuttleworth "How to be happy in a sad, sad world"). Bake your own biskweets, that's how!

These delicious home-made shortbreads, when baking, filled the whole house with a delicious aroma.

But being freshly baked just before dinner time, and being a rather heavy biskweet, they do pose quite a conundrum.  So I can understand Mr. Shuttleworth's problem here: 

Who can make a biskweet taste good?  The shortbread man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.



  • Ian AspinLocation: Lancaster Lake District, UK
  • Bio: I’m passionate about my work:TV journalist, producer, presenter, business ideas person. I care about: family, friends, helping people, finding meaning, running